Same-Day Dental Crown Technology Makes Life Easier for Many in Northern Kentucky


Advanced, CAD/CAM-based CEREC tech does away with the delays and multiple visits required with traditional dental crown installation process, Hebron Family Dentistry reports


HEBRON, Ky. — Locals who need Dental Crowns no longer need to endure multiple appointments, with their messy impression trays and temporary solutions. At Hebron Family Dentistry, Dentist Dr. Valerie Watson is using advanced ceramic reconstruction (CEREC) technology to design, produce, and install crowns in one convenient visit.

The highly trained team at the frequently recommended Family Dentistry clinic always looks for ways to leverage technology to benefit patients. CEREC employs powerful computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tech to greatly accelerate and improve upon the traditional dental crown creation and installation process.

In addition to being far faster, more convenient, and comfortable for patients, CEREC better preserves tooth structure, with a more precise fit allowing less surrounding material to be removed. Since CEREC-produced crowns are milled on-site from a solid block of ceramic, they are stronger and more durable than those produced in labs elsewhere using the far slower, low-tech alternative approach.

“Dental crowns protect and preserve damaged teeth, but the traditional method of producing and installing them is undeniably slow and inconvenient,” said Dr. Watson. “CEREC is simply a superior way for most patients to obtain the dental crowns they need. We’re proud of the results this advanced process produces and how it makes things so much simpler and more pleasant for our patients. We all believe deeply in the importance of providing comfortable, convenient, compassionate dental care, and CEREC is a great fit for our mission.”

Dental crowns are typically affixed to damaged teeth to keep them from deteriorating further. Whether because of advanced dental caries, fracture, or some other reason, a severely damaged tooth that does not receive the protection of a crown might end up needing to be removed.

Crowns have historically been designed, produced, and installed via a slow-moving process that would typically require several visits to a dental clinic. In the meantime, someone in need of a crown would normally need to wear a temporary stand-in that would not necessarily look very natural or even fit and function well.

CEREC technology employed by Hebron Family Dentistry does away with all of the drawbacks of the traditional approach to dental crown installation. With high-quality ceramic crowns being designed, milled, and installed in the course of a single visit, Hebron Family Dentistry patients can avoid all the inconvenience that used to be required. More information is available at the Hebron Family Dentistry website, where visitors can also easily schedule appointments.

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