How Do I Prepare My Child for The First Dental Visit?

How Do I Prepare My-Child-for-Their-First-Dental-Visit

Your child’s first dental appointment is an important milestone, one that will lay the groundwork for lifelong oral health. You may feel a little anxious, and that’s perfectly normal. Our team at Hebron Family Dentistry is here to guide you and ensure your time with us is positive and free of stress. Here are some tips to prepare for your child’s first dental visit. 

When Should Your Child First Visit a Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child to see a dentist when the first baby tooth emerges and no later than the first birthday. Establishing a dental home and providing preventive care right from the start will ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and free of decay.

Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Dental Visit

Here are some tips to ensure your child has a stellar first visit to the dentist:

Stay Positive: Your child will pick up on any fear or anxiety, so even if you’re not a fan of going to the dentist, your child doesn’t need to know. Stay upbeat and build up excitement as the big day approaches. 

Timing Matters: Schedule the first visit when you know your child will be rested and cooperative. Avoid nap times and feed your little one before getting to the office. Come to the appointment prepared. Download and fill out the new patient forms at home to save time during the first appointment. 

Role Play: Take some time to act out dentist’s visits and take turns being a dentist and caring for a favorite stuffed animal’s teeth. When it’s your turn, model a kind and caring dentist to set the stage for a happy visit. 

Read Books about Dentists: There are many books and videos about visiting the dentist. Snuggle with your little one while exploring the wonders of caring for young smiles. These activities will build up excitement about going to the dentist. 

Stay Calm: Even if your child acts out, stay calm and positive. We have seen it all and would like to reassure you that future visits will become better and better. Focus on positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors. 

End the Visit on a Happy Note: Offer a reward or do something fun together after visiting the dentist to build positive associations. Wrapping up the visit on a happy note will ensure your little one is excited about future dental visits. 

Quality Children’s Dental Care Near Me

Contact Hebron Family Dentistry in Hebron, KY, to learn more about our pediatric dentistry services. Dr. Watson and her team are passionate about caring for young smiles. We will do everything we can to ensure your child’s first visit and every following visit are comfortable and happy. Call us and schedule your appointment today!