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Improving Your Smile and Quality of Life With Partials

If you have missing teeth, you may not feel comfortable smiling. Partials can be a great way to improve your smile. Not only that, but they can also improve other aspects of your life. If you are considering them, here are a few reasons to bite the bullet and get partials.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is removable and can be used on either the bottom or top of your mouth to replace a number of teeth. They'll not only improve your smile, but they can also improve chewing and speaking.

A partial denture is also good for maintaining the placement of the teeth you still have. Without a partial denture, your remaining teeth may shift as time goes on.

You should not wear partials at night, but instead, take them out for cleaning. Cleaning them can prevent cavities from developing. Also, you are able to brush your remaining teeth more effectively when you remove the denture for cleaning.

Reasons for Getting Partial Dentures

If you have lost multiple teeth due to injury or extraction, you may find it beneficial to get a partial denture. Tooth decay might be another reason to obtain one. Before getting partials, your mouth will have to be examined to make sure your remaining teeth are healthy. If they are not healthy, there is the option of removing the rest of your teeth and using a full denture.

Options for Partial Dentures and Alternatives

When it comes to a partial denture, there are two positions you can choose. The anterior denture can replace the teeth in the front of your mouth. The posterior denture is for the back.

The anterior is the more popular of the two because it improves your smile, and it makes it easier to bite into food. The posterior one improves eating, too. It can also enhance speaking.

Bridges are similar in nature to a partial denture, as only a few missing teeth are replaced. Unlike a denture, a bridge can only be used on one side of the mouth. Bridges are also permanently glued in.

Materials That Make Up Partial Dentures

Plastic and metal, like cobalt and chromium, are some popular options for making the base of a denture. A larger partial denture is usually made from titanium.

Metal bases tend to be lighter and more durable than plastic ones. However, a denture made of plastic or polymer often looks better because you can't see the metal. It is also much easier to repair.

Attachments for Partial Dentures

The denture is typically fitted with clasps or precision attachments. The clasps are made from metal and can be visible when you are smiling. Precision attachments attach to the remaining teeth or implants. Attachments are usually more expensive than clasps, as it takes more effort to make them.

Learning About Dentures Near Me

When getting partials, it is important to think about why you want them and how they can improve your life. They can be a great way to address the missing teeth in your mouth. You will have to consider the materials and attachments you wish to use as well. At Hebron Family Dentistry, Dr. Valerie Watson will be happy to address your concerns and options. Call us today to set up your initial appointment.

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