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Emergency Dentistry

When you live and work in Florence, KY, you may eventually need of emergency dentistry. Wondering if there's emergency dentistry near me? Hebron Family Dentistry is one of the few clinics that can respond to your need for an emergency dentist. If you're wondering if your tooth or oral health problem is an actual emergency, there are symptoms that can help you make that call.

Dental Problems That Are Definitely a Dental Emergency

Dr. Valerie Watson is an emergency dentist who will tell you that there are only a handful of situations that are true dental emergencies. Most of these situations are obvious emergencies and include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Teeth that are knocked out
  • A busted and broken jaw
  • Severely injured gum and/or oral tissue

Sometimes, the above situations require dental surgery, but in any case, they are considered emergencies and should be seen about right away.

Anything that results in excessive bleeding, excruciating pain, or needs attention right away requires emergency dentistry. If you don't fit into these situations, but you are still in pain and wondering if you need an emergency dentist, contact us at Hebron Family Dentistry.

Pain or Swelling That Causes You to Pass Out Signals Another Dental Emergency

Oral and dental pain should never cause you to pass out. Pain accompanied by a fever and swelling in your face, cheek or jaw is also a sign that something is definitely wrong. Emergency dentistry addresses unusual cases of intense pain, swelling, and accompanying fevers. These symptoms signal infection and/or an abscess. When you're looking for an "emergency dentist near me" and you have these unusual conditions, look no further than Hebron Family Dentistry.

Hebron Family Dentistry: Emergency Dentistry Near Me

Don't spend too much time looking for an "emergency dentist near me" when any of the above situations apply to you. Broken teeth or teeth that have been knocked out can be repaired or reinserted into the jaw. The teeth can be saved, but only if you make it into our office within an hour of the accident that caused this dental emergency.

Emergency Dentist Near Me in Florence, KY

Before you spend another moment in pain asking your phone to "find emergency dentistry near me," call us at Hebron Family Dentistry. Dr. Valerie Watson and the rest of our team are here for you around the clock. We will resolve your dental emergency and ease your pain quickly.

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