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Where Can I Find Teeth Whitening Near Me?

Teeth whitening is a popular subject these days because everybody wants to look their very best. Nothing can make you shine like a beautiful smile. That means having whiter teeth, and that's where Dr. Valerie Watson at Hebron Family Dentistry can help.

How Teeth Whitening Works

It's really quick and simple and involves Dr. Watson applying a gel made from carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to the tooth surface. The bleaching agent will penetrate the enamel, reaching the discolored molecules. The oxygen molecules then react with both surface and deep stains and break them down into smaller particles, so the color becomes less concentrated. The result of this bleaching process is whiter, brighter teeth for a more beautiful smile.

Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Time can cause changes in the appearance of your teeth, making them go from bright white to a yellowish color. This can be due to several common things, including:

  • The aging process
  • Food and drink that contain staining agents
  • Using tobacco
  • Illness or medication
  • Discoloration from chips or tooth injuries

Teeth Whitening Options Available

Here at Hebron Family Dentistry in Burlington, KY, Dr. Valerie Watson offers two whitening options:

1. Professional whitening: This includes having professional procedures done in our office for delivering optimum results. Dr. Watson will start by strategically placing a special shield to protect your gums. Then, she will apply the peroxide gel to the tooth surfaces. Dr. Watson may also utilize a special light for intensifying and speeding up the process. Our in-office treatments are capable of whitening your teeth several shades in just one visit. Please note that whitening has been proven to be quite safe when it is professionally performed. Although some patients may find that they are experiencing sensitive teeth from the whitening process, this tends to subside soon without any intervention.

2. Home whitening: There are several OTC whitening options that you can purchase. In fact, Whitestrips and peroxide-based whitening gels basically work the same way professional bleaching does. The main difference is the inordinate length of time that it takes for the OTC home products to deliver results. For safer and faster home whitening results, Dr. Watson can offer you professional-grade whitening gel and custom-fitted trays, plus instructions for using the trays. However, please be advised that achieving desired results could take a few weeks as opposed to seeing results much earlier with our in-office professional whitening.

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