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Dental Fillings in Hebron

The days of gold dental fillings for front teeth are past. Today's materials are usually made to match the tooth, making it more attractive and stronger. Dr. Valerie Watson at Hebron Family Dentistry uses the latest materials and technology when it comes to filling a cavity in your tooth.

What Are Dental Fillings Made From?

Dr. Watson's choice for fillings is a composite material in a color that matches the tooth. Strong and attractive, it is virtually undetectable. This type of material bonds to the tooth structure, proving a more natural appearance. It strengthens the tooth as well as blends in with it.

The Procedure for Dental Fillings Near Me

What is the procedure for dental fillings? First, Dr. Watson will remove the area of decay. Then she will fill the cavity with the color of resin that has been chosen as a match to the tooth. This material can be used along the gum line, since it looks like it is part of the tooth. Composite resin is ideal for front teeth. As one of the most popular fillings requested by patients, composite seals the tooth after decay has been removed.

Will Dental Fillings Last a Long Time?

Composite resin is a long-term solution. It is also undetectable. This type of filling may last for many years. Teeth done with composite usually last five years or more. Some people have had their composite fillings last from 15 to 20 years.

Dental Fillings Near Me

Do you think it may be time to visit the dentist for a cavity? If you have been putting off having dental cavities filled, this might be the right time to explore this cost-effective solution.

If you are wondering if you can find "dental fillings near me," the answer is yes. If you live in or near Hebron, KY, you can visit our office, Hebron Family Dentistry. Dr. Watson is our professional, caring and experienced dentist. She uses the latest in technology and techniques to ensure the quality of your smile, whether your visit is for a restorative or cosmetic procedure or a simple filling.

The whole family is welcome here. Children with tooth decay will receive the same individualized and caring treatment for a brighter smile as well as better dental health.

Contact us to make an appointment and get those cavities filled. Preserve both your smile and your dental health.

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